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Artificial Christmas Tree


In recent years the artificial Christmas tree has become a lot more popular- they are considered much more convenient; and if they are used for several years, they are less expensive than real trees.

You can buy an artificial Christmas tree in a number of different colors and types-some of them even come pre-decorated with lights. At the end of the Christmas season artificial trees can be taken down and stored away; ready for next year. In America, about 70% of families now have an artificial Christmas tree.

Many people regard an artificial Christmas tree as a safer option. This is because they do not contain the same potential fire danger that may arise with a dried out real tree. An artificial Christmas tree is also a practical alternative for those people who have an allergy to conifers. Artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular in office settings.

The first artificial Christmas trees were tabletop feather trees- made from green dyed goose feathers wound onto sticks drilled into a larger one, like the branches on a tree, the idea originated in Germany in the 19th century. Artificial trees were developed in an attempt to prevent the deforestation that had begun to occur. The first feather trees came to the United States in 1913.

The first modern artificial Christmas tree was produced by companies that made brushes-they used animal hair, mainly pig bristles, and then later plastic bristles to make the tree. These bristles were dyed pine-green in color and inserted between twisted wires to form the branches. The base of the branches were then twisted together to form a large branch; this was inserted by the user into a wooden pole meant to serve as the trunk. Each row of branches on the artificial Christmas tree is a different size. They are color coded at the base with paint or stickers to make them easier to assemble.

Many artificial Christmas trees now have very short brown needles that are wound in with the longer green ones, to imitate the branch itself or the base that each group of pine needles grow from. Every year artificial Christmas trees become a little more realistic. An artificial Christmas tree may come in a slim version that fits easily into a small space. Most of the better trees have branches hinged to a pole-they also have more branch tips with the number listed on the box. You can now buy an artificial Christma trees that come pre-strung with lights, or is lit by fibre optics, with the light in the base and a rotating color wheel- this causes various colors to shimmer across the tree. There are small talking or singing artificial Christmas tree and trees that blow snow over themselves. The artificial Christmas tree has come a long way in the last hundred and fifty years.
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