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Christmas Tree Shop


Visiting a Christmas Tree Shop to buy a Christmas Tree is a family tradition in most American households. A Christmas Tree Shop will often contain a variety of cut trees. A Christmas Tree Shop is normally stocked with trees in many shapes from short and fat to tall and skinny. The shops can be run by local groups of people, greenhouses, or even larger businesses who will then service the entire area.

Christmas Tree Shops will often open up in November for those who want to do some early decorating. Other popular times that they open is the first of November, which the day after Thanksgiving, the first of December, or a few weeks before Christmas.

The best time to visit the Christmas Tree Shop is when the whole family is home. Christmas Tree Shops restock often so that customers will always get a good selection of trees to choose from. It is a good idea to avoid the Christmas Tree Shop on Christmas Eve and possibly the weekend before, as these times always seem to be busy. Less busy times in general seem to be the weekdays rather than weekends.

Try asking what days the trees are cut and brought to the lot-this way you can make a point to visit that day and pick your tree from the best selection. It is a good idea to have measurements handy so that you will know whether or not the tree will be too big for where you plan to put it. The last thing you want is to have to cut braches or even the top of your tree to make it fit into the space.

Christmas Tree Shops that are found on a tree farm (or a greenhouse) require a little more time and effort to get your tree. Trees may be planted in different spots; so you donít get to see the trees together. Once youíve spotted one that you like then you get to cut down your own tree. This is an activity that many people find invigorating and exciting. If you do want to get your Christmas Tree from a Christmas Tree Shop like this; make sure that you bring with you, a hacksaw, saw, gloves, boots, a warm jacket, and some string to tie the tree branches. Everyone should be dressed warmly as it gets very cold.

A Christmas Tree Shop sells other items besides trees. Wreathes with big red bows are a popular item at many Christmas Tree Shops. If you get your tree from a farm then they may have a separate shop for ornaments and decorations-this may be a small shed set up near the tree lot or by the gate of the tree farm. These decorations are meant to provide you with ideas of the different ways that you can decorate your newly purchased tree.

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